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Oatmeal Cookies Deconstructed II - Parham P Baker Photography LLC

Oatmeal Cookies Deconstructed

Cookbooks are still, even with the advent of online recipe sites, cable TV food shows, and food blogs,  wonderful ways to create amazing collections of culinary wisdom. They remain one of the classes of books that has not seen a strong reduction in sales since the advent of the internet.

Of course, online cookbooks and blogs are growing as well.   Great imagery is what sets the best apart from the rest.  Whether “deconstructed” scenes where the components of the recipe are shown, to procedural images showing how to perfect a special technique, or the tasty finished product, great images convey the information far easier that solely the written word.

SO, let “The Taste” photography provide consultation and great imagery for your next cookbook.  We will also assist with videos, showing the prep, cooking and the final tasty offering.

Milk and Cookies - Parham P Baker Photography LLC

Milk and Cookies

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