Waiting for spring…. and Farmer’s Markets!!!

Farmers Market Radishes

Ahhh…. spring is in the air!  No.. wait.  That’s snow.

Farmers Market Radishes

Farmers Market Radishes

Oh well, looking forward to spring and seeing the Farmers Markets getting into full swing.  Love the sighs, the sounds, the smells.  Even if I don’t buy anything (rare) I love going and walking around, and of course shooting fantastic “Kentucky Proud” edibles.

If you would, let me know your favorite Farmers Market.  I go to the one downtown Lexington and Lexington’s Southland Drive Farmers Markets.  I’ll usually stop at the Good Foods Co-op on the Southland visit as well.  That’s where I buy most of my bulk spices!

This year, 2019, the shooting at Farmers Markets is going to be more frequent and fervent.  A photography project of “The Taste” will be to shoot at least one “keeper” of every type of fruit and vegetable grown by Central Kentucky farmers… and share them here with you!

Hope you’ll stay tuned, see what’s being offered at Farmers Markets, and see what grows in Kentucky!

As chef says, “Enjoy!”