Vintage Silver!!! It’s in!!

Vintage Silverware


My vintage silver flatware is in!

Vintage Silverware

                     Vintage Silverware

A few weeks ago I realized I needed more variety in my flatware.  I whipped by my local Goodwill(s) and was quite disappointing that there was very little by way of interesting forks, knives or spoons.. much less any serving pieces.  Oh well.   What’s the alternative?

EBAY!  Of course!

So going through pages and pages of silverware, I discovered that people sell whole sets.  8 place settings.  12 place settings.   I don’t want to serve an army, just a few unique pieces to compliment the food shots I’m making.

Then, success!!!   A seller that had a grouping of vintage junior silver flatware.  Well, not exactly perfect as I’d prefer “adult” size, but as often I’m only showing the tines of the fork, or the top of a knife what the heck.   The price was excellent and the pieces looked pretty varied and nice.  PLUS the seller had not polished them!  That’s is a plus.  I love the look, the older silver patina.  It keeps the silver from caching such strong reflections when I’m shooting them. 

They came in and were as amazing as I’d hoped they’d be.  I messaged the seller thanking her (Barbra) and asked if she had similar pieces in full size.  She quickly responded to the affirmative, stating that she had 1000s of different patterns.  I suspected as much because all of the junior pieces she sent before had pattern name and price on a tag attached to each piece.   

The next day she put together a grouping of around 40 pieces, including a number of serving pieces!   She messaged me they were up, to take a look. Oh Yeah!!!

I quickly ordered them once I saw them on eBay.   Love the “Buy it Now” option for this.  They came in (earlier than promised) and they were just as nice as the previous order.  I’m stoked!  Really nice collection of now over 80 vintage silver dinner and serving pieces. 

Look for them in upcoming shoots!   Remember, you eat first with your eyes!!!!!!!!!